We can all agree that educating the next generation of children is of paramount importance. As commissioner, I have worked to ensure that the Board of Commissioners supports the Susquehanna Township School District in every way possible. However, I also recognize that many 8th Ward residents have children who attend schools outside of this district. One of my key initiatives has been to work with the township recreation department to enhance the fun, educational activities offered over the summer to students who live here. As a father, I think it is incumbent upon many people, in addition to parents and teachers, to help develop a desire for lifelong learning in our children.

Susquehanna Township is blessed to have extraordinarily committed individuals who make up our police and fire departments, and emergency medical services personnel. We need to honor that commitment by ensuring they have the equipment and training necessary to do the best job possible. It has been my honor to work with the Susquehanna Township EMS leadership, Public Safety Director, Fire Marshal and our respective volunteer fire chiefs to assess their requests to meet the public safety needs of township residents.

One of the biggest responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners is setting tax rates. With tax burdens increasing at the federal level, we have to be sure that taxation for our residents remains reasonable, and that the Commissioners are good stewards of our tax dollars. We need to invest in technological advances which will lead to efficient governance. As 8th Ward commissioner, I take the responsibility of increased taxation very seriously, and continue to be vigilant in reviewing the budget to make sure our tax dollars are being wisely spent.

The 8th Ward contains many state and local roads which must be maintained. Hundreds of commuters rely on heavily-traveled roads like Linglestown Road (State Route 39) and Crooked Hill Road, parts of which run through our ward. Aging roads and infrastructure, if left unchecked, can rapidly turn into public safety issues. Along with monitoring road maintenance, it has been my pleasure to advocate for homeowners who have issues arise during sewer infrastructure repair. I will continue these efforts to make sure repair crews treat your property with the care it deserves.