Justin Fleming was raised and educated in Susquehanna Township, and in his 3-plus years as Commissioner has worked to serve the interests of not only 8th ward residents, but the entire community. He has brought a passion, commitment and fresh perspective to better the community he loves.

On the Board of Commissioners Justin serves as the liaison to the Susquehanna Township School Board, chair of the Public Safety Committee, and as a member of the township Budget & Finance and Pension Committees.

If he is fortunate enough to earn a second term, Justin will continue his support of the Susquehanna Township School District. In addition, he will be responsive to the concerns of 8th ward residents, continue his advocacy for public safety, and work make Susquehanna Township a destination for residents and businesses.

Justin and his wife Lisa are proud to reside in Susquehanna Township with their two children. Their son attends Thomas Holtzman Elementary School, and their daughter attends the Early Learning Center at the Jewish Community Center.